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Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Specific Solutions for Specific Business Needs

When it comes to your customers, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. That’s one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned in the 40+ years that AIS has been in business.

Clients have specific needs based on their given industries. Understanding and meeting those needs have allowed us to prosper over the years. Here are some examples of how AIS can provide solutions for particular industries.


Schools and educational institutions need to handle vast amounts of information regularly. In addition to printing class materials and other documents, they must store and protect student records for many years. If information gets lost or misplaced, it can create severe problems both for students and for the institutions themselves.

How AIS Helps

AIS has products and services to make printing and saving information much easier. Our digital duplicators enable schools to print large volumes of documents for minimal costs and with low energy usage. Also, our document management service enables school administrators to store and organize records digitally. Whenever they need a particular piece of information, they can find it quickly with a simple search.


Hospitals and other organizations involved in healthcare face a variety of document-related challenges. On the one hand, they need the ability to produce, distribute and process information quickly. On the other, they must ensure the strict privacy of patient records and other sensitive information.

How AIS Helps

AIS’s solutions make it easy for healthcare organizations to manage vast amounts of information. Our Document Management and Network Services services enable companies to process documents much faster and prevent unauthorized access their networks. Our multifunction systems also allow them to print, scan and send documents with less energy and fewer resources wasted.

Details on Available Services

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